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©Jenn Armstrong/VASG

VA Coastal Policy Clinic Announces Photo Contest, Annual Conference

The Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic is running a photo contest to find photos to feature on the VCPC Facebook and blog.

©Julia Robins/VASG

VCU Students Talk Gloucester Land Use at Public Meeting

On October 7, interested Gloucester residents attended a public meeting to discuss the future use of the Lands End subdivision.

©Jenn Armstrong/VASG

Virginia Seafood, Validated and Ready for Market

Since its inception, VASG Extension at Virginia Tech has helped Virginia seafood companies produce safe products by validating their pasteurization processes.

Booker teaches children about blue crab. ©Jen Armstrong/VASG

Aquaculture Ambassadors a Big Hit at Hampton Bay Days

The Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Ambassadors hosted a booth at the 32nd annual Hampton Bay Days festival to inform locals about sensible seafood.

©Glenn Markwith

VA’s Watermen Tours Gain Insight From VASG Intern

This summer, CEC brought on a VASG-funded business intern to learn more about the pros and cons of watermen tours, both for consumers and watermen.

Sunburst Trout Farm's new Trout Burger. ©Jean Dent

With the Help of a Sea Grant Workshop, Burgers Go Fishing

Last fall, Dan Kauffman, Virginia Tech extension staff affiliated with Virginia Sea Grant (VASG), held a VASG-funded workshop to help seafood processors learn more about how they could enter the value-added market.

Michelle Covi. ©Julia Robins/VASG

Comparing Risk Assessment Tools for Sea Level Rise

Attendees of the Hampton Roads Adaptation Forum gathered to compare risk assessment tools for flooding and sea level rise.

A teacher digs into the East Wye mudflat for worms and invertebrate specimens. Julia Robins/VASG

16 Teachers Get Hands-On Science Training on VA’s Eastern Shore (Part 2)

16 teachers gained hands-on science training at the weeklong Virginia Coastal Ecosystem Field Course, organized by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

VCU to Hold Meeting About Use of Lands End Subdivision on 10/7

VCU to Hold Meeting About Use of Lands End Subdivision on 10/7

The Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority and Virginia Commonwealth University will hold a public meeting at the Lands End Subdivision on 10/7.

Tess Mackey. ©VASG

Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic Gets New VASG Correspondent

As the new Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic correspondent for Virginia Sea Grant, Tess Mackey will report on the clinic’s activities and students.

Troy Hartley. ©Carly Rose/VASG

VASG Director Leads Social Science Portion of NSF-Funded Project

Troy Hartley leads the social science portion of a new NSF-Funded Project to evaluate the process of collaborative decision-making about oyster populations.

Steve Manley. ©Janet Krenn/VASG

VIMS Grad Student Named 2015 Knauss Fellowship Finalist

Virginia graduate student Steve Manley has been named a finalist for the prestigious 2015 Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship.

16 Teachers Get Hands-On Science Training on VA’s Eastern Shore

16 Teachers Get Hands-On Science Training on VA’s Eastern Shore

16 teachers received hands-on science training at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science Eastern Shore Lab this past July.

VASG Hits the Road to Answer Questions about Graduate Research Fellowship

VASG Hits the Road to Answer Questions about Graduate Research Fellowship

Susan Park, VASG Assistant Director for Research, is visiting universities throughout Virginia to talk about grantsmanship and the 2015-2018 Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Research Fellowship program.

Ryan Shloesser. ©Janet Krenn/VASG

Juvenile Fish Health in Virginia Estuaries

Healthy fish reflect healthy estuaries. VASG graduate research fellow has been looking at how different Virginia estuaries prepare juvenile fish for survival.

As part of her training at VT AREC, Danielle Budden looks at 1 ML samples of Rotifers to determine egg percentages and overall population of the organisms. ©Julia Robins/VASG

What Is Aquaculture? Hampton University Students Team with Virginia Tech to Give Answers

Four Hampton University students became ambassadors this summer—aquaculture ambassadors, that is. The students are part of the Virginia Sea Grant-funded Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Ambassadors (SFAA) program, a new collaboration between Hampton University (HU) and Virginia Tech (VT).

Alex Squadrito demonstrates best management practices for feeding clownfish at VT AREC. ©Julia Robins/VASG

Aquaculture Workshop Trains Virginia Businesses

Americans are hungry for seafood, but most of that seafood is coming from overseas. The US seafood trade deficit has grown to more than $11.2 billion annually, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. One way to reduce the gap could be through US aquaculture.

A view of the Elizabeth River from one of Top Rack's docks. ©Julia Robins/VASG

Top Rack Marina Awarded “Clean Marina” Designation

The Virginia Clean Marina Program awarded Top Rack Marina with Clean Marine designation for voluntarily preventing and reducing pollution at their facility.

A photo of the model displaying oyster aquaculture vulnerability in Virginia and Maryland. Dark green represents places with no threat, while red represents places where significant use conflict exists. ©Julia Robins/VASG

Mapping the Bay to Plan for Shellfish Aquaculture

Who would suspect that in a bay with as much shallow water as the Chesapeake there would be competition for space in its shallow water habitat?

Cownose ray at the Houston Aquarium. ©Ed Schipul/Schipul Photography

Mysterious Cownose Ray Species in Gulf of Mexico

DNA analysis revealed evidence there could be an undocumented cownose ray species in the Gulf of Mexico that genetically resembles the Brazilian cownose ray.

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