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Joy Stayley. ©VASg

Spring Interns Cover VASG Events Through Writing, Photography

This spring, Virginia Sea Grant had three undergraduate communication interns who helped cover events and projects.

Jie (Jessica) Hou.

Law Students Compare Fisheries to Local Government

Externs compared fisheries management plans with local land use ordinances to see to what extent fisheries policy and local government align.

Science for the People: Fellows Present Research to Non-scientists

Science for the People: Fellows Present Research to Non-scientists

Virginia Sea Grant’s 2012 Graduate Research Fellows presented at the 2014 Virginia Sea Grant Project Participants’ Symposium. Unlike other talks they give about their research, we challenged them to tailor their talk for a general audience.

Virginia Sea Grant Fellow Mark Stratton creates a presentation about his research for recreational anglers. ©Bob Baker

Grad Researchers Get Training in Science Communication

Seven former and current Virginia Sea Grant Fellows spent the day at the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation on March 10 to work together to improve their science communication skills.

Thiska Pather, 2013 Knauss Fellow.

Knauss Fellow Learns What Happens to Science Outside of Lab

By Sydney MaHan, Virginia Sea Grant Student Correspondent In February, Santhiska (Thiska) Pather completed her Knauss Fellowship working for the Ecological and Health Processes Branch within the Office of Science and Technology, Office of Water at the US-EPA. “I think I achieved one of my goals for this fellowship year—to learn what happens to the […]

Annie Murphy records data at Cherrystone Inlet in Virginia. ©Margaret Pizer/VASG

VASG Fellow Looks at Clams Through an International Lens

When Annie Murphy came to Virginia to study nutrients in Chesapeake Bay, she didn’t expect her studies would lead her to Italy.

Virginia’s Graduates Take on Marine Policy

Virginia’s Graduates Take on Marine Policy

On February 1, three Virginia graduate students began their placements in the U.S. government for their 2014 Knauss Marine Policy Fellowships.

Fellows Present at VASG Symposium

Fellows Present at VASG Symposium

Virginia Sea Grant Fellows from VIMS and ODU present on their research at the 2014 Project Participants’ Symposium. Fellows were challenged to prepare 10 minute talks geared to a general audience.

Jennifer Armstrong. ©VASG

Intern Tackles Branding Questions for Virginia Sea Grant

By Sydney Mahan, Virginia Sea Grant Correspondent Last semester Jennifer Armstrong learned design and photography tools as a Design Intern with Virginia Sea Grant. This spring, the Thomas Nelson Community College student returns to take it to the next level by working on branding projects as a Visual Identity Intern. “I thought this would be […]

Watch the 2013 Virginia Sea Grant Fellowship webinar replay.

VIDEO: Coastal and Marine Fellowships from Virginia Sea Grant

Virginia Sea Grant offers many different types of funding for graduate students and post-grads researching issues relevant to coastal Virginia.

Elizabeth Herron (left) and Kaylin Gaal (right) worked together at VASG Law Externs during the fall 2013 semester. ©VASG

W&M Law Students Work to Advise Town on Becoming a City

Through their research, the College of William and Mary law students helped to determine the costs associated with this transition and forming of the new government structure.

Collaborative Fisheries Research Helps Industry and Sea Turtles

Collaborative Fisheries Research Helps Industry and Sea Turtles

Through collaborative fisheries research, scientists and industry have been able to eliminate the accidental catch of sea turtles in shrimp fisheries from French Guiana to Gabon. In 2014, Tony Nalovic and Troy Hartley are hoping to promote similar initiatives throughout the world.

DJ Haskin. ©Stephanie Chavez/VASG

WM Student Helps VASG Office

DJ Haskin joined Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) as an office aide this summer. Since then, he’s helped coordinate travel, support meeting planning, and manage the VASG office. This fall semester, DJ is contributing to research that will help VASG launch a brand realignment next year.

VASG Reaches Out for Potential CSF Leaders in Williamsburg

VASG Reaches Out for Potential CSF Leaders in Williamsburg

To help launch a CSF, Virginia Sea Grant is inviting anyone interested to submit a Statement of Interest by January 10, 2013. (You can find the Instructions and form here: )

Smokestacks. ©Uwe Hermann

Graduate Fellow Studies Mercury Contamination in Seafood (Part 2)

by Margaret Pizer This is part two of a two part series on Xiaoyu Xu’s research on mercury in seafood. Click here to read part one. Following the Mercury Much of the mercury that gets deposited in the U.S. comes from burning fossil fuels. About half comes from U.S. emissions, but the other half comes […]

Graduate Fellow Studies Mercury Contamination in Seafood (Part 1)

Graduate Fellow Studies Mercury Contamination in Seafood (Part 1)

When Xiaoyu Xu asked people in Tidewater Virginia about their seafood consumption habits, she found a lot of confusion.

Fellowship Grants Get Science Out of the Lab (Part 2)

Fellowship Grants Get Science Out of the Lab (Part 2)

Virginia Sea Grant Fellows Mark Stratton and Ryan Schloesser are conducting research about fish populations. With the support of his Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Research Fellowship, he’ll be able to share that knowledge with fisheries managers who need it.

Fellowship Grants Get Science Out of the Lab (Part 1)

Fellowship Grants Get Science Out of the Lab (Part 1)

Billur Celebi is studying how changing CO2 concentrations and temperatures will affect eelgrass in Virginia’s coastal waters. For the outreach portion of her project, she teamed up with Chris Witherspoon and Jovonne Vrechek of the Virginia Aquarium to develop educational programming about seagrass and ecosystem health for Aquarium guests and student programs.

Tracy Brinkerhoff. ©Stephanie Chavez/VASG

Marketing Intern Lays the Groundwork for CSF Launch

As the Sea Grant marketing intern, Tracy Brinkerhoff worked to develop a soft launch strategy and marketing plan for a community supported fishery, or CSF, in the Williamsburg area. The result of her effort will be an outreach event in October.

Stephanie Chavez.

Photography Interns, Design Interns Bring Skills to VASG

Virginia Sea Grant’s photography and design interns helped us cover research, document events, and redesign our newsletters.

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