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Jennifer Armstrong. ©VASG

Intern Tackles Branding Questions for Virginia Sea Grant

By Sydney Mahan, Virginia Sea Grant Correspondent Last semester Jennifer Armstrong learned design and photography tools as a Design Intern with Virginia Sea Grant. This spring, the Thomas Nelson Community College student returns to take it to the next level by working on branding projects as a Visual Identity Intern. “I thought this would be […]

UVA Bay Game Wins National Award

UVA Bay Game Wins National Award

UVA Today June 10, 2013 Virginia Sea Grant is proud to have helped support the UVA Bay Game, an interactive simulation of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Game received the Leveraging Excellence Award from the National Consortium for Continuous Improvement of Higher Education.

Chef Kyle Woodruff. ©Sam Cottingham/VASG

Chef Seafood Symposium Serves Up Science Behind the Fish They Cook

Combining the scientific and the culinary is what the Chef Seafood Symposium is all about. The Virginia Sea Grant and Virginia Institute of Marine Science event has been a way for chefs to learn more about the seafood they cook and serve for more than 20 years.

Blina Kruja. ©Stephanie Chavez/VASG

Marine Policy Intern Studies Bay Management

As Virginia Sea Grant’s summer marine policy intern, Blina Kruja will investigate the relationships between different groups involved in ecosystem management in the Chesapeake Bay.

U.S. Capitol Building

Knauss Fellowship Finalists Announced

Three Virginia graduate students have been named finalists for the 2014 Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship. This year’s finalists from the Commonwealth will advance to Placement Week in Washington DC in fall 2013, where they will be placed with hosts in the executive branch of government.

Erica Penn

Summer Law Fellows Join Coastal Policy Clinic

Two Virginia Sea Grant Law Fellows will be working with the Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic (VCPC) this summer. The fellows will assist VCPC Director Shana Jones in preparing and presenting policy memos to the Virginia coastal localities of Norfolk and Poquoson and coordinating the conference, Adaptive Planning for Flooding and Coastal Change in Virginia: Legal […]

Many homeowners in the lowlying community of Poquoson, VA, have raised their houses to protect them from frequent floods. ©Janet Krenn/VASG

Law Students Help Virginia Communities Prepare for Sea-Level Rise

The Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic is a partnership between William & Mary Law School and Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) that allows students to learn about coastal science and policy while addressing issues facing Virginia coastal communities.

Innovations like permeable pavement are part of the future of sustainable water policy, but incentivizing and spreading innovation is a major policy challenge. © Achim Hering

Visiting Scholar Discusses Diffusion and Adoption of Innovation

How do we get scientific innovations to the people who need them? Dr. Dale Manty of the EPA recently shared his thoughts on sustainability and innovation as a Visiting Scholar Seminar Speaker.

Apprentices Mike Ellis and Sean Gonzalez face-off in a cooking competition at the 2013 Chef Seafood Symposium. ©Samantha Cottingham/VASG

Chefs Seafood Symposium: Science Behind the Seafood

The Chefs Seafood Symposium is a Virginia Sea Grant annual event that invites professional, apprentice, and student chefs for a day of learning about seafood and the science behind the products chefs serve.

Bishop Sullivan Takes 1st at 2013 Blue Crab Bowl

Bishop Sullivan Takes 1st at 2013 Blue Crab Bowl

The Blue Crab Bowl is Virginia’s only ocean and marine science quiz competition for high school students. The contest tests students’ knowledge of oceanography, geology, biology, maritime history, and policy.

Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic Partners with Virginia Sea Grant

Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic Partners with Virginia Sea Grant

Virginia Sea Grant is proud to have entered a partnership with William & Mary Law School’s new Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic (VCPC). The VCPC offers law students the opportunity to work with leading Virginia scientists and develop solutions for some of the most challenging environmental questions facing policymakers today. Examining issues ranging from property rights to […]

Knauss Fellow Theresa Davenport. ©Kathryn Greves/VASG

2013 Knauss Fellows to Serve in DC

Virgnia’s 2013 Knauss Fellows will begin their fellowships in February. Theresa Davenport will spend her Knauss fellowship as an analyst in NOAA’s Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation (PPE). She will help set the course for NOAA by helping develop a 5 year strategic plan for research and development and by helping the office stay up-to-date on emerging science and policy issues.
Davenport, who has a master’s in marine science from VIMS, says she is looking forward to being part of the team that helps shape NOAA’s research direction and helping ensure that the best available research i

Photo collage created by Kim Holzer depicting her work on invasive species as a Knauss Fellow at the US Fish and Wildlife Service. ©Kim Holzer

Fellowship Opportunities

Virginia Sea Grant currently has four great fellowships available for current and finishing graduate students. Check them out and submit your application today!

Iconic buildings of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. ©Bobak Ha'Eri

Symposium Explores Colonial Roots of Virginia’s Climate Change Response

What do kings’ grants, imperialism, and British common law have to do with climate change? A group of lawyers, legal scholars, historians, and scientists came together to discuss them all at “History, Property, and Climate Change in the Former Colonies,” a symposium held in the Moot Courtroom at Washington and Lee Law School.

Melissa Keywood. ©Lou Ann Gaskell

UVA Graduate Wins Coastal and Ocean Management Award

Melissa Keywood has received a 2012 Walter B. Jones Award for Excellence in Coastal and Ocean Management. Keywood recently finished her master’s in Urban and Environmental Planning at the University of Virginia (UVA).

Atlantic moonfish (Selene setapinnis) with their stomachs dissected for VASG Graduate Research Fellow Mark Stratton’s research on East Coast fish communities. ©Margaret Pizer/VASG

VASG Welcomes 2012 Graduate Research Fellows

Virginia Sea Grant has awarded two-year Graduate Research Fellowships to five students at Virginia institutions. The fellowship supports Ph.D. students engaged in coastal and marine research relevant to Virginia and the VASG strategic plan. The program emphasizes communication skills, and fellows work with outreach or end-user mentors t

Teams from Bishop Sullivan Catholic Highschool (Virginia Beach) and Chesapeake Bay Governor's School (Glenns) face off in the 2012 Blue Crab Bowl Finals. ©Janet Krenn/VASG

Bishop Sullivan Takes 1st at 2012 Blue Crab Bowl

For a record fifth year in row, Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School (Virginia Beach) took first place at the annual Blue Crab Bowl, Virginia’s marine and ocean science quiz competition. This year’s Blue Crab Bowl was held at Old Dominion University on March 3. Other placing teams including Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School (Glenns) in second, Seton School (Manassas) in third, and Grafton High School (Yorktown) in fourth.

Focus on Students

Focus on Students

VASG is developing the future workforce of marine and coastal experts through fellowships, internships, and much more. The Winter 2012 Bulletin issue features work by and about students.

Virginia Students Earn Prestigious Knauss Fellowships

Virginia Students Earn Prestigious Knauss Fellowships

For the second year in a row, Virginia students have earned five of the coveted Knauss Marine Policy Fellowships, and no other state secured more of the fellowships. That means that 12 percent of all fellows, and 20 percent of the prestigious legislative fellows are from Virginia colleges and universities. The Dean John A. Knauss […]

Taggers Help U.S. Vets Fish, Tag, and Heal

Taggers Help U.S. Vets Fish, Tag, and Heal

Watching Dave Conklin cast is poetry in motion. In one smooth movement, his arm circles up and out to the side, zipping the line through the air. Dave’s graceful casting is an achievement, one that he enjoys sharing with other veterans in Project Healing Waters.

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