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Teams from the Colonial Williamsburg Apprenticeship Program cook red crab in creative ways to try to win the Virginia Seafood Cooking Competition. ©Julia Robins/VASG

VIMS Hosts 23rd Annual Chefs’ Seafood Symposium

On March 10, 2015, Virginia Institute of Marine Science hosted the 23rd Chefs’ Seafood Symposium, highlighting the deep sea red crab.

©Jacklyn Cravey/VASG

Photos from the 2015 Blue Crab Bowl

On February 7, top science students from ten Virginia high schools faced off at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science for the 18th Annual Blue Crab Bowl.

Teachers take core samples and look for beads that represent chemicals in sediments. ©Janet Krenn/VASG

Teachers Learn GK12 Lesson Plans at VIMS Workshop

The seven activities on display were just a fraction of those the teachers would go home with: a USB drive of more than 70 activities based on real science.

©Sydney Mahon/VASG

Bringing Real Scientific Data into the Classroom

VIMS educators held a professional development workshop at W&M to show teachers how to incorporate real scientific data into classroom activities.

©Carol Hopper Brill/VIMS

New Tool Lets Students Explore Real Marine Science in Classroom

VIMS educators compiled over 70 lessons, activities, and other resources developed by GK12 Fellows to bring real marine science into the classroom.

A teacher digs into the East Wye mudflat for worms and invertebrate specimens. Julia Robins/VASG

16 Teachers Get Hands-On Science Training on VA’s Eastern Shore (Part 2)

16 teachers gained hands-on science training at the weeklong Virginia Coastal Ecosystem Field Course, organized by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

16 Teachers Get Hands-On Science Training on VA’s Eastern Shore

16 Teachers Get Hands-On Science Training on VA’s Eastern Shore

16 teachers received hands-on science training at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science Eastern Shore Lab this past July.

Lisa Ayers Lawrence Named Informal Educator of the Year

Lisa Ayers Lawrence Named Informal Educator of the Year

The Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association honored Lisa Ayers Lawrence with the 2014 Informal Educator Award in July.

Teacher Professional Development Inspires Coastal Science for the Classroom (SLIDESHOW)

Teacher Professional Development Inspires Coastal Science for the Classroom (SLIDESHOW)

Sixteen teachers from all around Virginia got together to learn about and explore coastal change at the 2014 Virginia Coastal Ecosystems Field Course. The Virginia Sea Grant funded workshop took place from July 7-12. Through hands-on activities and lectures given by scientists and National Science Foundation GK12 fellows, the teachers learned about coastal field work. They […]

Live blue crab were on display at Hampton Crabtown Environmental

Virginia Tech Extension Talk Crab at Hampton Crabtown Expo (SLIDESHOW)

Virginia Sea Grant extension at Virginia Tech manned a booth at the Hampton Crabtown Environmental Expo on June 7, 2014. The Expo featured booths and talks about oysters, crabs, aquaculture, sustainability, wetlands, and more. Abigail Villalba, Virginia Sea Grant extension at Virginia Tech’s Seafood Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Hampton, was there to talk […]

Carol Hopper Brill shows teachers a coastal plant as part of the April MWEE workshop. ©Julia Robins/VASG

First Step to Getting Students Outside: Take Their Teachers into the Field

Students aren’t the only ones tired of being stuck in the classroom doing traditional school work. This April, 19 enthusiastic teachers from around Virginia attended a two-day workshop designed to show teachers how they could conduct meaningful watershed educational experiences (MWEEs) outside. The workshop was sponsored by Virginia Sea Grant and the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Virginia (CBNERR-VA).

In this "after" drawing, a student from Chesapeake Bay Governor's School brings her scientist underwater to study marine life. “My scientist is studying whales to gain more knowledge about evolution. She is also comparing whale behavior patterns to humans.”

Kids Who Know Scientists Think Scientists Are ‘Fun’

Virginia Sea Grant affiliated education staff are training graduate research scientists to co-teach in K-12 classrooms, changing the way students think about scientists.

Blue Crab Bowl buzzer.

VA’s Marine Quiz Competition Inspires Students to Pursue Science Careers

Designed to inspire and challenge high school students, Virginia’s Blue Crab Bowl (BCB) appears to be working as planned. The annual marine science quiz competition not only gives Virginia’s students the chance to show off their knowledge of oceanography, geology, and biology, it also has been shown to influence students’ future careers. According to the […]

Jennifer Armstrong. ©VASG

Intern Tackles Branding Questions for Virginia Sea Grant

By Sydney Mahan, Virginia Sea Grant Correspondent Last semester Jennifer Armstrong learned design and photography tools as a Design Intern with Virginia Sea Grant. This spring, the Thomas Nelson Community College student returns to take it to the next level by working on branding projects as a Visual Identity Intern. “I thought this would be […]

UVA Bay Game Wins National Award

UVA Bay Game Wins National Award

UVA Today June 10, 2013 Virginia Sea Grant is proud to have helped support the UVA Bay Game, an interactive simulation of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Game received the Leveraging Excellence Award from the National Consortium for Continuous Improvement of Higher Education.

Chef Kyle Woodruff. ©Sam Cottingham/VASG

Chef Seafood Symposium Serves Up Science Behind the Fish They Cook

Combining the scientific and the culinary is what the Chef Seafood Symposium is all about. The Virginia Sea Grant and Virginia Institute of Marine Science event has been a way for chefs to learn more about the seafood they cook and serve for more than 20 years.

Blina Kruja. ©Stephanie Chavez/VASG

Marine Policy Intern Studies Bay Management

As Virginia Sea Grant’s summer marine policy intern, Blina Kruja will investigate the relationships between different groups involved in ecosystem management in the Chesapeake Bay.

U.S. Capitol Building

Knauss Fellowship Finalists Announced

Three Virginia graduate students have been named finalists for the 2014 Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship. This year’s finalists from the Commonwealth will advance to Placement Week in Washington DC in fall 2013, where they will be placed with hosts in the executive branch of government.

Erica Penn

Summer Law Fellows Join Coastal Policy Clinic

Two Virginia Sea Grant Law Fellows will be working with the Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic (VCPC) this summer. The fellows will assist VCPC Director Shana Jones in preparing and presenting policy memos to the Virginia coastal localities of Norfolk and Poquoson and coordinating the conference, Adaptive Planning for Flooding and Coastal Change in Virginia: Legal […]

Many homeowners in the lowlying community of Poquoson, VA, have raised their houses to protect them from frequent floods. ©Janet Krenn/VASG

Law Students Help Virginia Communities Prepare for Sea-Level Rise

The Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic is a partnership between William & Mary Law School and Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) that allows students to learn about coastal science and policy while addressing issues facing Virginia coastal communities.

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