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Matt Smith, NMFS-Sea Grant Fellow, tags striped bass when collecting data in 2008. ©VIMS

Taking Disease Into Account in Managing Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass

When a mathematical model said that catch limits for Chesapeake Bay striped bass could be increased, managers knew something was fishy.

VASG Welcomes New Staff Writer

VASG Welcomes New Staff Writer

After two semesters as a student correspondent, Julia Robins is joining the Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) team full-time as the new communications assistant.

Katharine Sucher. ©Chelsea Carter/VASG

Science Writing Intern Covers VASG-Funded Research

As Virginia Sea Grant’s (VASG) new science writing intern, Katharine Sucher will spend this summer spreading science to the public. By

Cages that hold oysters peek above the water at low tide. ©Katherine Greves/VASG

VASG Announces Six Graduate Research Fellows

The fellowship supports promising graduate students who are engaged in research that furthers the goals of Virginia Sea Grant and provides fellows with hands-on experience in translating research results to coastal and marine stakeholders.

Do Not Enter: Protecting Oyster Crops from Cownose Rays

Do Not Enter: Protecting Oyster Crops from Cownose Rays

VASG works with researchers to find ways to keep cownose ray out of commercial oyster beds.

Chelsea Carter. ©Jennifer Armstrong/VASG

Photography Intern Prepares for Fieldwork

Chelsea Carter is joining Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) as this summer’s photography intern. Her responsibilities include taking photos of VASG events and research