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VASG Hits the Road to Answer Questions about Graduate Research Fellowship

VASG Hits the Road to Answer Questions about Graduate Research Fellowship

Susan Park, VASG Assistant Director for Research, is visiting universities throughout Virginia to in advance of the Nov. 14 proposal deadline.

Ryan Shloesser. ©Janet Krenn/VASG

Juvenile Fish Health in Virginia Estuaries

Healthy fish reflect healthy estuaries. VASG graduate research fellow has been looking at how different Virginia estuaries prepare juvenile fish for survival.

As part of her training at VT AREC, Danielle Budden looks at 1 ML samples of Rotifers to determine egg percentages and overall population of the organisms. ©Julia Robins/VASG

What Is Aquaculture? Hampton University Students Team with Virginia Tech to Give Answers

Four Hampton University students became ambassadors this summer—aquaculture ambassadors, that is. The students are part of the Virginia Sea Grant-funded Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Ambassadors (SFAA) program, a new collaboration between Hampton University (HU) and Virginia Tech (VT).

Alex Squadrito demonstrates best management practices for feeding clownfish at VT AREC. ©Julia Robins/VASG

Aquaculture Workshop Trains Virginia Businesses

Americans are hungry for seafood, but most of that seafood is coming from overseas. The US seafood trade deficit has grown to more than $11.2 billion annually, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. One way to reduce the gap could be through US aquaculture.

A view of the Elizabeth River from one of Top Rack's docks. ©Julia Robins/VASG

Top Rack Marina Awarded “Clean Marina” Designation

The Virginia Clean Marina Program awarded Top Rack Marina with Clean Marine designation for voluntarily preventing and reducing pollution at their facility.

A photo of the model displaying oyster aquaculture vulnerability in Virginia and Maryland. Dark green represents places with no threat, while red represents places where significant use conflict exists. ©Julia Robins/VASG

Mapping the Bay to Plan for Shellfish Aquaculture

Who would suspect that in a bay with as much shallow water as the Chesapeake there would be competition for space in its shallow water habitat?