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Toren Elsen. ©VCPC

VCPC Analyzes Supplemental Environment Projects

Toren Elsen will work with the Virginia Environmental Endowment to analyze Supplemental Environmental Projects.

Sean Smiley. ©VCPC

VCPC Addresses Inherited Property and Sea Level Rise

Sean Smiley will work for the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission to address issues with inherited property in the face of sea level rise.

Jeremy Forrest. ©VCPC

VCPC Discusses Sea Level Rise Preparedness in Hampton Roads

As a student in the Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic, Jeremy Forrest will work with an ODU representative and Norfolk Naval Base officers to create a framing document for a “whole of government” pilot project.

James Andris. ©VCPC

VCPC Examines Government Liability

James Andris will examine the government’s potential liability in the event that it fails to protect citizens from known threats, such as sea level rise.

Jacob Testa. ©VCPC

VCPC Tackles Property Value Assessments in Rural VA

Jacob Testa will work with the MPPDC to understand property value assessments following the Virginia Department of Health’s new septic system regulations.

Garrett Gee. ©VCPC

VCPC Advances Policy to Protect the Bay

Garrett Gee will work with the Chesapeake Bay Commission to help advance legislative practices that protect the Bay, climate, and economy of Virginia.